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George Packer
Journalist and author, November 2018

Masha Gessen
Journalist and author, April 2018

Timothy Garton Ash
Historian and Commentator, November 2016

Listen to a recording of the lecture, with a Q&A session facilitated by Ken Whyte, former Chair of the Foundation's Board of Governors.

Chrystia Freeland
Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Finance, May 2015

Strobe Talbott
Foreign policy analyst and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, May 2015

Martin S. Indyk
Foreign policy analyst and former diplomat, January 2015

Walter Russell Mead
Professor of foreign affairs and commentator, May 2014

Fouad Ajami
The late professor and commentator, December 2013

Steven Pinker
Psychologist and cognitive scientist, May 2013

Anne Applebaum
Pulitzer Prize-winning author, December 2012

Mark Halperin
Political analyst, May 2012

Amy Chua
Professor of law and social commentator, June 2011

Richard Haass
Diplomat, November 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Activist, writer, and former politician, June 2010

Martin Amis
Novelist, November 2009

Dambisa Moyo
Economist, June 2009

Bernard-Henri Lévy
Author, November 2008

Strobe Talbott
Foreign policy analyst and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, May 2008

Richard Holbrooke
The late diplomat, November 2007

Robert B. Zoellick
Former President of the World Bank, January 2007

Timothy Garton Ash
Historian and commentator, June 2006

The Rt. Hon. Christopher Patten
Former Governor of Hong Kong, September 2005

Robert Cooper
Diplomat and scholar, May 2005

Fouad Ajami
The late professor and commentator, September 2004

Niall Ferguson
Historian, June 2004

Robert Kagan
Historian, November 2003

Ian Buruma
Writer and academic, May 2003

Sir Martin Gilbert
Historian, January 2003

Jagdish Bhagwati
Economist, October 2002

Bernard Lewis
The late historian, May 2002

Christopher Buckley
Political satirist, October 2001

Hernando de Soto
Economist, May 2001

Robert Mundell
The late Nobel Prize-winning economist, September 2000

Niall Ferguson
Historian, May 2000

Paul Fussell
The late historian, September 1999

Francis Fukuyama
Political scientist, June 1999

Gary Wills
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist, September 1998

John Lukacs
The late historian, May 1998

Mordechai Richler
The late author, September 1997

Paul Johnson
Historian and journalist, May 1997

James Q. Wilson
The late political scientist, May 1996

William Kristol
Political analyst and commentator, January 1996

Charles Krauthammer
The late Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, September 1995

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